Gifts for the Globe-Trotter: Discover the Best Presents for Your Wanderlust Loved Ones!

Gifts for the Globe-Trotter: Discover the Best Presents for Your Wanderlust Loved Ones!



Throughout each year, gift-giving is an art form; from birthdays and anniversaries to the holidays and those “just because” moments, securing that one gift that will mean the world to someone doesn’t have to be difficult! If you have someone in your life who is an avid traveler, look no further than this handy gift guide to help you navigate the shopping process.

A great gift is specific and thoughtful, and also something the recipient can use in their everyday life. With our suggestions and convenient Amazon storefront, your travel enthusiast loved one will be unboxing the best gift ever in no time (hello, Prime shipping!). Keep reading to find out what to add to your cart!

Universal Travel Adapter

Every traveler’s worst nightmare is arriving in a new country only to find that they don’t have the correct charger. When you’re in a foreign country, having your cell phone is basically your lifeline for directions and communication with loved ones back home so it’s very important to always have a charged phone. 

Adapters at international airports and overseas are grossly overpriced, so having one in their bag before take-off will give your travel buddy irreplaceable peace of mind. This travel adapter has multiple input options including USB and USB-C, and its compatible in the UK, Europe, China, and Japan!

Price(s): $14.00+ USD

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For the traveler in your life who is also an Apple products enthusiast, it might just be worth it to get them the ultimate Apple World Traveler Kit. This kit supplies power adapters for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac laptops and is compatible with outlets in North America, Japan, China, the UK, Europe, Korea, Australia, and Brazil.

Price: $29.00

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TSA-Approved Cable Luggage Locks

You can never be too careful these days with your personal belongings, all the way from checking your baggage at the airport to checking into your hostel where there is shared space. Putting a code and key-operated luggage lock on their baggage will give your traveler that extra peace of mind that their belongings are safe from pickpockets and accidents during transport. 

This lock can be opened by a three-digit code or a key, and it comes in several different colors so your travel buddy doesn’t have to ruin their luggage set’s color scheme!

Price(s): $14.00 USD

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Digital Weight Scales

Price(s): $11.00+ USD

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Another airport headache that catches even the most well-seasoned travelers off-guard is the weight limit parameters for checked baggage. This scale hooks onto the luggage handle and when lifted upwards, accurately measures the weight so your friend will no longer have to hope for the best on the way to the airport. 

Passport Cover

Price(s): $10+ USD

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For the fashionista in your life, help them accessorize even their travel documents! These leather passport covers come in multiple colors, and may even make finding their passport in the bag a tad easier!


Packing Cubes

Price(s): $25+ USD

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Packing cubes are a game changer for luggage organization. They make the packing process quicker, easier, and leave your baggage just as organized when you get back as when you left. This packing cube set comes with multiple cube sizes and pouches so your friend won’t need to waste time sifting through their baggage looking for that one item.


Portable Security Door Locker

Price(s): $21.00+ USD

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This handy 2-pack comes with two different lock sizes to ensure wherever your travel buddy is staying will be compatible with this safety tool. Instructions are included and no tools are required so as soon as they check in, they can add this double lock and sleep soundly for the night!


Apple Air Tag

Price(s): $27.00 USD

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The Apple Air Tag has become an essential Apple product over the past few years since it was launched. This tiny sensor can be attached to any item, allowing you to track its location through your phone. This is super helpful when traveling because your friend can either attach it to their suitcase and see if it's on the right track or just in case it goes missing in baggage claim. They can also attach it to important items that they are prone to losing like passports or wallets.

2-In-1 Airplane Blanket-Pillow

Price(s): $24.00+ USD

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For the pal who is taking a red eye flight soon or just has a hard time falling asleep on airplanes, these sleep essentials are sure to solve those problems. This super soft blanket transforms into a pillow within a matter of seconds, which also aids in packing too! All your travel buddy will have to do is zip it up into its portable pillow and then unzip it on the plane when they’re ready to sleep. 

It comes in multiple colors and patterns but remains the same convenient size to make transport that much easier.


Price(s): $25.00+ USD

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Also, if they don’t already have one, consider getting them this essential travel pillow so they’re not dealing with horrible neck and back pain during their travels. This bendable memory foam pillow is better than the generic ones you find in airports because your friend won’t be slumped down to meet the support of the pillow - this pillow bends any which way and stays put so they can catch some serious, pain-free Z’s on their flight.


TSA-Approved Travel Bottle Set

Price(s): $10.00 USD

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Another common headache for many travelers is TSA’s liquids rule; all liquids usually need to be under 4 oz in order to carry them onto the plane, and if your friend prefers carrying all their baggage, this is a thoughtful gift that will get them a long way. 

These squeezable silicone bottles in stylish neutral or bright colors are TSA-approved, and they don’t waste any product due to the convenient no-drip valve. They’re easy to fill and come in a little carrying case to keep everything organized. 


Mini Portable iPhone Charger


Price(s): $25.00 USD

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Another irreplaceable travel gift is a portable phone charger. The special thing about this charger is that it's suitable for both iPhones and Airpods! It also charges devices super fast and has “pass-through technology” meaning that even when an outlet is nearby, they can charge their phone and the portable charger at the exact same time.

Travel Journal

Price(s): $30.00 USD

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For the sentimental traveler in your life, help them document their journeys with a super cute travel journal! This aesthetic journal has several prompts and spaces for postcards and polaroids to help them document every detail of their trips. The best part is, its compact size is suitable for their backpack or crossbody bag!


TSA-Approved 20-Piece Travel Kit For Men

Price(s): $17.00

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For the man in your life who has an incurable case of wanderlust, this 20-piece travel kit will essentially have them set for at least a decade of traveling - a worthy investment! All organized in a soft brown case, these are 20 products that your man definitely needs on his trips. From body wash and shampoo to headache medicine, nail care, and oral care, he’ll be calling home in no time to thank you for the thoughtful gift. 

The best part? It’s all TSA-approved, so they can take the guesswork out of bringing their bottles through airport security.

Attachable Luggage Set

Price(s): $400.00

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Do you ever see those travelers in airports struggling to tug along multiple pieces of luggage? Nothing is worse than feeling like a bull in a china shop thanks to having bulky luggage in crowded spaces. For the traveler in your life who is a proud overpacker, this attachable luggage set is going to knock their socks off!

This 3-piece luggage set which comes in multiple colors attach and lock at the sides, so when you’re pulling one handle, you’re actually pulling all 3 pieces! These special additions also include a water bottle holder on the side, TSA-approved locks, and a USB charging port!


Aviator Carry-On

Price(s): $425.00

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For the carry-on fanatic in your life, gift them this very special carry-on suitcase by Paravel! The best part is, it’s made completely from recycled materials. The durable exterior and zippers are made from recycled polycarbonate, the lining from plastic water bottles, and vegan leather details. This carry-on is compact so it fits most airline’s size parameters for the overhead compartments, and its stylish neutral tones make for a great fashion statement. 


Happy gifting!

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